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Wheelchairs Restored

We collect wheelchairs, aluminum canes, aluminum walkers, aluminum crutches, wheelchair parts and lap blankets to help those with disabilities across the globe.

Our teams of disability specialists fit each wheelchair to the recipient and provide training in its use and upkeep.  Recipients also receive a Bible in their language and the message of God’s love.  Each wheelchair is a dream come true for the one who awaits the miracle of mobility.

The Reason

Millions dream of a better life that includes the simple joys of mobility and independence. But in developing countries where the cost of a wheel chair could exceed a year’s salary, it is a dream they never expect to come true.

The Need for Equipment and Volunteers

Before a donated wheelchair reaches its final destination overseas, 300 pairs of hands have touched it along its journey of love.  Wheelchairs are shipped to countries like China, Cuba, El Salvador, Romania, Ghana, Thailand, and India. Maybe you would like to participate by collecting, transporting, storing, or even going on a distribution mission trip. We collect throughout Western Pennsylvania. To determine your drop off location, contact Linda Clark at 724-678-7471 or via Linda's email.

Wheels For The World

One of our significant partners is Joni & Friends, Wheels For the World. Here is the link to the Joni and Friends - Wheels for the World website for additional information. We also have a pdf file that contains additional "Wheels for the World" information.


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To learn more about "Wheels for the World" in Pittsburgh: Contact Linda Clark at 724-252-7515 or contact her by Email.

See an article written about us.

Here are three videos explaining our wheelchair work with "Wheels for the World" (30 minutes each):