Uniquely the Same

All are welcome. Each one celebrated.

What's Happening

Uniquely the Same, Inc. is a 501.c.3 federal nonprofit organization. We are in the midst of our six-year development plan (June 2014 to June 2020) which will culminate in the construction of a main campus. This campus will be part of a multi-site solution for disenfranchised people to pursue quality of life opportunities. As a result, all people will experience a more inclusive, integrated, and relational community. Between now and June 2020, we are testing our philosophy and approach by prototyping and launching smaller components of the larger vision. We invite you to help us in this pursuit. We believe in the power of partnership.

If you would like to see the current vision of our plan, read it in Microsoft Word. or in PDF.

In a nutshell, we are:

  • Studying best practices
  • Testing our employment ideas
  • Building a network
  • Strengthening organizational and administrative capabilities

More details can be found below in a section titled, "Our Focus". 

About Us

Mission: To help those affected by disability or economic disadvantage in order to improve the quality of life for all.

Vision: A world full of villages where all people are able to satisfy their greatest needs regarding housing, employment, education, transportation, and medical resources. Our vision is driven by authentic, inclusive, community participation.

Philosophy: Caring relationships provide the foundation for collaborative solutions which offer dignity, purpose and value through an integrated community and spiritual life. We find and connect people, resources and services in order to address quality of life needs.

Values: Respect, Unity, Relational Care, Christian Faith, Grace, Joy and Love!

Join with Uniquely the Same today. We are seeking "Advocate Partners" who will join with us in this quest. Visit our conversations on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Challenge We Face

In spite of available services for those affected by disability and those with economic disadvantage, many basic needs are still not being met. Because of the unique circumstances of some individuals, the most fundamental components of self-actualized lives are the most difficult to obtain – fundamental things like, housing, employment, transportation, education, medical resources and authentic community participation. Because of the daily grind faced by these families, they often do not have the time or energy to access these basic quality of life components.

For more than six years, the volunteers of Uniquely the Same, Inc. have been serving people and families affected by disabilities and economic disadvantage. Frequently. those we serve tell us their greatest need is authentic friendship – for someone to come alongside the lives of families and individuals in order to give them practical assistance in confronting the hurdles they face every day.

So Uniquely the Same, Inc. is being established in order to encourage intentional, loving, solutions so that all people can pursue a high quality of life. 

Our Focus

We are continuing our focus on providing wheelchairs, family retreats, parental/caregiver support, sibling support, welcoming events, and building a nation-wide network of caring people. We are  encouraging the development of this network through social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube

Our goal is always to assist individuals on a one-by-one basis - through authentic relationships. We are working to identify individual needs and facilitate assistance regarding transportation, advocacy, durable medical equipment, etc. We connect people to available resources assisting individuals and families to obtain quality of life services.

We continue to pursue training opportunities, with community organizations and faith communities.

We do not want to reinvent what others are already doing. Rather we are focused on learning from other organizations in order to facilitate a smooth transition to our more significant building phase begining in the year 2020. We will continually study best practices for housing, employment, transportation, education and medical services.

In addition, we are working to strengthen our organizational and administrative capabilities. We are also working to understand and apply the strengths of every individual associated with our efforts. We are moving to a larger board structure and working to identify and recruit those willing and able to serve on our Board of Directors.

Wheelchairs Restored

Wheelchairs Restored aims to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those affected by disability in our communities and  around the world. We provide medical equipment and share God's love with those we serve.

We do this by providing needed equipment, connecting individuals affected by disablity with faith communities and educating community organizations to have accessible attitudes.

You can participate by donating your used or new equipment. The World Health Organization estimates that there is a need for 20-30 million wheelchairs around the world. More Information

Retreats & Respite

Each year there are more than 20 Family Retreats in the United States and even more throughout the world. These retreats offer families affected by disability the opportunity to have an assisted family vacation. Some of the families who attend these retreats have never taken a vacation. 

Our volunteers may be found at any of the locations, but the largest number of volunteers currently assist at the Shawnee Resort within Shawnee State Park, Ohio (along the Ohio River, two hours South of Columbus, Ohio). More Information

Your Help Is Needed

Help us meet our goal of 2,500 "Likes" on Facebook by June 2019! In order to have the resources necessary to develop our first location, we will need this many advocates in our network. We met the first plateau of 400 "Likes" in April 2015. Our current goal is to reach 700 unique "Likes" by August 1, 2017. Please "Like" our page and encourage your friends to do the same. While establishing authentic, inclusive communities throughout the world is impossible for one person, together we can accomplish amazing things.

Individuals Affected by Disability

The best perspective of disability is never us and them. Rather, it is us – each of us. Since the fall of mankind, we live in an abnormal world where nothing works quite the way God designed it to work. All people are broken, we just exhibit our brokenness differently. This problem of brokenness is not exclusive to those affected by disability or those who are economically disadvantaged. Each of us is broken spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally to some degree. Some of us display our brokenness more obviously, but we are all broken people. 

At the same time... ALL people are made in God's image and have gifts that are meant to provide extraordinary value to each other, to our faith communities and to our society. Come be a part of us. We need you for our mutual benefit and ultimately for God's glory.

Parents and Caregivers

We want to be a place of peace, respite and assistance for you.


If you would like to talk to us about your circumstance or would like to share your story with us... please contact us. We also recommend these encouraging Bible verses for you to consider. For those who are currently facing particularly difficult life circumnstances, we have a page of available resources (for Allegheny County in Pennsylvania - USA).


To make a donation of any amount or to become an Advocate Partner ($25 annual contribution), use the Donate button below.

Thank you.

Webpage Metaphor 

You will notice that this web page is designed to be especially accommodating. The toolbox (above and to the right) allows users to pick their own color, font type, font size, and even dictate what style of layout you will use in order to view this web page. Navigation is kept brief and easily accessible at the top right of each page.

The flexibility of this website is designed to reflect who we hope to be as a community. Each of us can have a unique way of being, all the while we can be a part of something shared between us. Feel free to customize this page to your own tastes. Your uniqueness is one of your gifts!

Your uniqueness reflects the unique image of God in you. And our common effort, including people with all sorts of ways of being, is truly unique. We are like a body, made up of many different parts. We need each part.

Our Values

  1. Respect (Uniquely)
    • Every human being is created with purpose, ability and value therefore we should have concern for each other.
    • We will not discriminate those we serve on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  2. Unity (the Same)
    • No one functions as well as God intended us to function in any area of life (including mind, body, emotions, relationships, and spirituality).
    • There is no us and them… only us… each of us.
  3. Relational Care (Co-operative Compassion)
    • In the ideal community everyone is seen as having the potential to enrich the lives of others.
    • The best solutions involve intentional cooperation.
  4. Christian Faith
    • While we do not wish to be offensive to people of other faiths, we fully believe that the good news of Jesus Christ can uniquely encourage and help people.
    • Holistic healing is more important than immediate cure.
  5. Grace, Joy and Love
    • Love and joy are essential components of serving each other.
    • A personal experience of being comforted enables us to comfort others, even those in different circumstances from our own.