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All are welcome. Each one celebrated.

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Never Alone

I am Uniquely the Same – #IamUtS.

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Better Together

Together we can change the world.

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Broadcasting & Social Media

We have experience, knowledge and the equipment to produce high quality video and audio broadcasts.

Providing Needed Equipment

Our volunteers collect durable medical equipment and make it available for reuse to people who cannot otherwise obtain needed equipment.

Respite & Retreats

We provide our own and assist others who provide retreats for individuals and families affected by disability.

Career & Vocational Services

Our vocational initiatives are based on long-term relationships. Our employment process is developmental, strength-based, and whole-life focused.

Connecting People with Resources

Through our relational model, we help connect people with other resources, organizations and people that will help them attain their self-determined goals.

Training Courses & Conferences

We organize and promote conferences which address matters of disability. We organize, provide and promote training

About Us

We are Uniquely the Same – diverse, yet connected.

We are allies by understanding and addressing the core needs of individuals and families affected by disability or economic disadvantage. As a result, we improve the quality of life for all.

We are composed of families and individuals, from all over the world, affected by disability (physical, intellectual, social, sensory and others) as well as industry professionals, friends and neighbors. We each share the dignity of being made in the image of our maker as well as the struggles that are a part of the human condition. We believe we are better together than as isolated individuals. (more…)

Our 90 Second Overview

Summary News


Lydia Mattison
CEO LivingChic
Great for Community

Great group and the work is invaluable! Their presence is wonderful for any community!

Neil Blevins
Registered Nurse
Excellent Foundation and Heart

Uniquely the Same has built an excellent foundation, full of heart and drive to help those in need. Keep up the good work!

Niral Sheth
Hospitality Industry Expert
Real Community

This model is the only one I know that offers real community without regard for disability or ability.